A new identity that enriches, reimagines and inspires

MWA Architects

Brand Identity / Print Materials / Website Design / Brand Guidelines

Formed in 2004, Marek Wojciechowski Architects has established a strong reputation for high-end, private residential work in central London. Moving forward, the firm had ambitions of working across other areas that included private healthcare and various commercial projects across wider London. MWA required a new visual identity that would embody their newfound ambitions.


Finding inspiration from the brand framework and various workshops, it was clear the desired visual identity should strive for a minimal and sophisticated aesthetic with a high-end appeal. We developed an interpretation of a fundamental in architecture, light and shadow. Using angular gradients we created a sense of space that works in unison with their visual assets. Paired with a newly crafted logo, a suite of new colours and a utilitarian typeface, the new identity encapsulates the confidence and caliber of the firm. The project included the rollout of the identity across a newly built website as well as a suite of templates and guidelines.